Anti-Piracy Expert, and founder of MI:33, Rob Holmes, has been invited to return as a speaker at the next Digital Hollywood conference which takes place next week. Digital Hollywood is the leading trade conference in its field with over 15,000 top executives in the film, television, music, home video, cable, telecommunications and computer industries attending each year.  The last decade has been a whirlwind in the digital world and often dictates how Hollywood handles entertainment and its supporting industries.  Digital Hollywood creates a focal point for show business executives to learn about trends and collaborate with like-minded professionals.  This conference, dated Oct 16-18, 2018 at the Skirball Center will be the most forward-thinking of them all.  Never before have entertainment, talent, streaming technology and creativity professionals been bubbling so close together with such purpose.  This conference will be a treat interested parties should not dare miss.

Rob Holmes will be presenting on Thursday, Oct 18th, on a panel entitled “Anti-Piracy: Protecting Creativity in Hollywood” with an all-star group of experts.  The panel will cover topics such as IP Cybercrime, hacking, peer-to-peer sharing, bit-torrent and many others.  With a conference of such magnitude, this panel should be the one that no one should miss.  Seriously.  In the last couple of years, information warfare has been declared on Hollywood.  So far, the response has been mediocre and the tabloids have been having a field day.  This panel will shed light on where things are heading and how this all-star team envisions how to secure the future of digital entertainment.

The talent involved in this panel, and the importance of the Digital Hollywood movement will inspire you to keep forging forward and help inspire you with a plan to win.  Entertainment has been evolving since its inception.  It’s never moved faster than now.  Stay in touch and keep up.  Don’t miss this conference.  Boom.  Done.