Background investigations are an essential part of doing business.  Let me tell you a story:

Once upon a time, there was a bad ass corporate executive who was recently put in charge of the legal and/or security department of a major brand with a large workforce. Let’s call her Ashley. Part of Ashley’s job is to curtail fraud within the corporate confines. More times than not, calls to her office are in reference to leaks and theft of the company’s Intellectual Property. Her first instinct is to call her legal/security teams to request they provide her with what they know. However, Ashley reminds herself of Rob Holmes‘ Rule #1 of theft: “It’s always an inside job until you can prove it isn’t.”

Being a brilliant and responsible corporate executive, Ashley gives a call to the folks at MI:33. Thank God they are #1 on her speed dial at (972) 422-2100. The first thing she does is brief the MI:33’s COO Jason Holmes on the details of the latest breach. Holmes then gives her the usual advice, requesting the details of the initial point of loss and whatever data they have to give MI:33 a start on the case. In addition, Ashley will also provide a list of exit points for the data. It is here when she and Holmes will brainstorm and hone in on the potential suspects. All of which are in-house, or first-hand vendors.

The Fairy Tale Solution Explained

During the span of this case, Ashley and Holmes solve the case and quell the problem. In addition, she decides to employ MI:33 to conduct background investigations on all of their employees and contractors with high-level access to Intellectual Property. As a well-educated philosopher, Ashley immediately evoked the spirit of Benjamin Franklin when she said to herself, “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” She decides to put Holmes and MI:33 on contract so that they can conduct background investigations on all contractors and employees going forward. Now that Ashley has populated her team and made it complete, she can rule with an iron thumb. Happily. Ever. After. Be like Ashley. Do it.

Now, I’m going to finish my coffee.


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