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You could save millions of dollars on the back end if you have a solid crisis management plan. A well-prepared team can completely avert a major catastrophe, or at least minimize it. Any company with assets to protect needs to be well-versed in crisis management. In addition, this company needs to have a team on hand. We know exactly how to handle each situation in order to mitigate the damage and create the most positive result.


Have you ever watched the television show “First 48” on A&E network?  In most cases, the incident response team builds their case based on the momentum of the first hot leads brought in right after the incident.  You need to have a seasoned crisis management on your speed dial. We work very closely with your legal, security and marketing teams to ensure optimal results.

There is nothing more important than having parameters and procedures set in place. Your people will then have a list  of items to follow so that small incidents are handled properly as they occur. Our clients typically report most large crises as stemming from the result a smaller incident. In almost every circumstance, a small incident is a sign of more to come. You’ve heard the term “where there’s smoke there’s fire” for a reason.


Why Us?

Together, our people have handled many thousands of consumer scams, corporate rip-offs and organized criminal operations. Our consultants work very closely with your legal, security and marketing teams to make ensure optimal results. we can assist in plugging holes, informing you of the sources and diffusing each situation as it comes up for the folks who have a plan in place.


We will also assist the team charged with protecting a brands’ assets every step of the way. Our people are there wherever you need us, whether the issue is catching counterfeiters and pirates, solving pre-release leak issues, or hacking and data theft.  The consultants at MI:33 can also be your red team, investigating your practices, policies and employees critically from the outside the same way the opponent would do so.

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