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The Intellectual Property world is comprised of detectives, crooks, lawyers, and consultants

Your intellectual property will be seen on millions of items whether or not those items are fake or real. Criminals have sold copies of all branded goods a million times over from Guangzhou to Los Angeles.  You need to consult with someone who thoroughly knows intellectual property enforcement if you want to tackle the issue. The principals at MI:33 have played an integral part in many landmark anti-counterfeiting cases. Investigators at MI:33 led authorities to shutting down the world’s largest spam ring. This resulted in the arrest and conviction of Oleg Nikolaenko aka the “King of Spam”.


Hacking the System, We Did it First

The folks at MI:33 were the first to begin linking counterfeit websites to one another by their analytics tracking tools. Our landmark work in web analytics can be verified by reading the case of Chanel v. Dror Krispin.  We were the investigation firm used in the first ever successful lawsuit against an internet service provider (ISP) for contributory counterfeiting (Louis Vuitton v. Akanoc). Our year-long undercover investigation was the basis of the first-ever online marketplace to be held liable for contributory counterfeiting (Chloe v. Tradekey). Federal Judge Gary Allen Fees stated in his landmark decision in Chloe SAS et al v. Sawabeh Information Services Co.:

Defendants must monitor their websites on an on-going basis for compliance and must—upon written notice—remove or disable access to any listing that Plaintiffs identify as infringing or that otherwise comes to Defendants’ attention as infringing Plaintiffs’ marks… …The private investigators involved in this case have a substantial track record in federal court litigation. “Evidence adduced through Rob Holmes’ and MI:33s internet investigations has been relied on by multiple courts finding in favor of famous plaintiff brand owners such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Microsoft, Gucci, and others.”

Through our work, we helped form eBay’s VeRO program, the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Our investigators have conducted more than 20,000 cases involving intellectual property on the Web. Brand owners including Louis VuittonRichemontFoxLuxotticaGucciActivision, and Microsoft have benefited from our Intellectual Property consulting services.

Intellectual Property and E-Commerce

Our firm engages in cases that require more expertise than any other in all aspects of intellectual property and e-commerce. We have leading experience in marketplaces, social media, gaming, web developers, ad networks, and spammers. We also have expertise in profiling wholesale distributors, software coders, manufacturers, search engine optimization specialists and hackers. Our knowledge is deep and our network is the most sophisticated of its kind. We know that e-commerce is the future of commerce.

You may remember walking into brick-and-mortar stores. We now can place orders on our phones while in line at a retail store faster than it would take for us the stay in line! A team with a long history of wins in Federal Court is the best choice for an effective e-commerce investigation. You will succeed using our combination of down-to-Earth detective training and expertise in state-of-the-art cyberforensics.

Since the mid-90s we have been offering top-rated brand consulting to major corporations. Whether it’s a TV show, a dog biscuit, a movie, a toothbrush, a toy, or a video game, we’ve been on the forefront. We want to be your first call for any brand consulting project from cradle to blockbuster and beyond. We work very closely with legal and marketing departments and know how to meet the needs and demands of both. In other words, we are skilled in balancing the priorities of having a launch date while also managing risk. Once the creative team makes a decision, someone must conduct trademark searches and look at other applications, registrations, common use, etc. in order to root out usage that could become problematic down the road. We will help clarify those results.

Our creative ability is beyond most. We are top-notch brainstormers and know names better than anyone.

Why Us?

We dig deep to uncover and verify past, present and future trademark use information. A third-party domain acquisition is an option when a desired domain is currently registered. Once your marketing team has decided on a potential name(s), we recommend that you begin domain acquisition procedures immediately. We will first conduct a profile on the owner so we can “get to know” the owner of the domain and/or handle. This will help us determine the subject’s online savvy, financial status and perhaps even business acumen.

We can also attempt to determine the intended use of the domain, which will be helpful in valuation as well as bad faith for a possible UDRP action. Once the initial investigation is complete, we will discuss with you our findings strategy and ask for the client’s input on the domain acquisition. We will serve as your proxy in this process and the true interested party will remain clandestine.

We are unparalleled in the area of brand consulting. Contact us now so that we can be a part of the team from the beginning.

We brought you test purchases back in the 1990’s. Other investigators had no clue what was going on, but we had it mastered. MI:33 covertly makes test purchases from online sellers and, as a result, processes them for use in intellectual property cases all over the United States. We also revolutionized the entire process of making test purchases. Our folks created the world’s first computer program to track online buys in order to make your life easier. This is in contrast to all the others, who just copied out process.

We make sure that each of our test purchases comes complete with a LitPak® which has been tested 100% effective in thousands of federal cases. The LitPak® was borne decades ago of the need of a “litigation packet” to make our clients’ lives easier when digital document compilation and presentation was not understood by most. Our people have made sure that the LitPak® has become the standard for all test purchases submitted to federal court.

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