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Our brand strategy consulting has been assisting major corporations since the mid-90s. Whether it’s a TV show, a dog biscuit, a movie, a toothbrush, a toy or a video game, we’ve been on the forefront. We want to be your first call for this type of project from cradle to blockbuster and beyond. We work very closely with legal and marketing departments and know how to meet the needs and demands of both. In other words, we are skilled in balancing the priorities of having a launch date while also managing risk. Once the creative team makes a decision, someone must conduct trademark searches and look at other applications, registrations, common use, etc. in order to root out usage that could become problematic down the road. MI:33 will help clarify those results for your counsel.

We dig deep to uncover and verify past, present and future trademark use information. A third-party domain acquisition is an option when a desired domain is currently registered. Once your marketing team has decided on a potential name(s), we recommend that you begin domain acquisition procedures immediately. We will first conduct a profile on the owner so we can “get to know” the owner of the domain and/or handle. This will help us determine the subject’s online savvy, financial status and perhaps even business acumen. We can also attempt to determine the intended use of the domain, which will be helpful in valuation as well as bad faith for a possible UDRP action. Once the initial investigation is complete, we will discuss with you our findings strategy and ask for the client’s input on the domain acquisition. We will serve as your proxy in this process and the true interested party will remain clandestine.

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