Cease and Desist Service

Cease and Desist Service is a Staple of Every Enforcement Plan

In a Cease and Desist situation, when you hire us, you can rest assured that your legal, security, and public relations teams will be at peace. This is what we do everywhere in the United States, and most major cities across the world.

            • Detailed profile of the subject
            • Validation of Address(es)
            • Travel to & from location
            • Service of a cease & desist letter
            • Identity of subject served
            • Bagging, tagging & inventory of relinquished items (if necessary)
            • External & internal photographs
            • One-page report

Whether you are a brand owner trying to quell the sale of infringing or stolen goods, or the security team for a high-net-worth individual making sure a physical threat is nipped in the bud.

We at MI:33 have been handling these types of situations for decades in the most nuanced fashion. We know that, as your front-line representative, we need to mitigate the situation, and not exacerbate it. In many cases, after the problem has been resolved, we want the individual to continue supporting your brand. This is why we have been quoted in the national press as “killing piracy with kindness” and “quick and cordial.”

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