Hack Prevention

Hack Prevention Saves Time and Money

A solid hack prevention plan on the front end will save you millions on the back end. In our many years of experience assisting our corporate client protects in their digital assets, we have found that most major catastrophes can be minimized, or completely averted, when a solid hack prevention plan is in place.

There is nothing more important than having parameters set in place and procedures to follow to properly handle the small incidents as they occur. Most large problems caused by hacks begin with these small incidents. In almost every circumstance, a small incident is a sign of more to come.

Sometimes this same individual will repeat their behavior and sometimes it will be an entirely different party with the same ax to grind. By now we know that the now-infamous Sony hack was the work of an inside person’s actions over a lengthy period of time. Our Founder & CEO Rob Holmes has opined that the Ashley Madison hack shows the same symptoms of the Sony hack. Just as the Sony hack originally appeared to be disguised as the handy work of a foreign APT (Advanced Persistent Threat), then turned out to be a group of disgruntled insiders wishing to do harm to whom they define as the One Percent, we are certain that the investigation behind the hacking group behind the Ashley Madison hack (dubbed Impact Team) will also yield similar results.

Regardless, threats are real and they are coming. No matter if your immediate threats are coming from without or within, there are symptoms and signs to deal with right now. This very second. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can assist with your everyday needs. We provide hack prevention services for many valuable brands and, to date, have not seen a client publicly outed or shamed due to a hack. Be responsible to your shareholders. Plug the leaks now. The chaos of an aftermath is never worth it.

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