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Reputation Management is Essential In the New Landscape

You need to be well-versed in reputation management if you have a valuable image to protect. If you are visiting this website, you have intellectual assets that are worth protecting and, perhaps, in jeopardy of being diluted or damaged. Reputation management is one of the most sought after services in the world. Because of this, there are countless firms out there promising to give you positive results in the area of reputation management. The truth is, the team that will help you the most when your reputation is on the line is one with an established track record in investigations, case closure and (most importantly) public relations.

Yes. I said public relations. There is no doubt that you have seen the problems that spread as a result of recent Internet hacks, publicity leaks, and general mayhem caused by individuals that wish folks like you harm. This is where your reputation management teams truly comes in. Once the situation is contained, perhaps the aftermath already has a life of its own. Perhaps someone who was a party of the action has plans to leak the data by way of another venue. It is possible that our client has insider information to exchange for this alleged leak. What separates MI:33 from all of the rest of the reputation management firms is that we have world class investigative experience, worldwide reach and unprecedented negotiating access to the media.

No matter if our client is a luxury brand being knocked off or a business person being shaken down, we know exactly how to handle the situation in order to mitigate the damages and create the most positive result. So the situation is clear. When you have a problem that could affect you or your client’s reputation, you need to call us here at MI:33.

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