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We were the first to bring test purchases to you in the 1990s. We revolutionized test purchases in the 2000s. And we’re still rocking undercover purchases for you. Each undercover purchase comes complete with our unique trademarked LitPak® which has been tested 100% effective in hundreds of court cases. What is a LitPak® you say? It is all of the documentation and analysis you will need to present your Proxy Buy™ in court, delivered digitally straight to your inbox in full-color portable document format (PDF).

Proxy Buy™ Whether the evidence you want to acquire is on a stand-alone site, an auction site, a classified ad or a B2B. We can get the job done the way it should be done. We set the standard and remain #1.

Nobody does intellectual property investigations like us. If you need evidence acquired properly online, we are the smart choice.

A LitPak® is a website analysis report featuring written information and backup documentation relating to findings in connection with private investigative services. In the early 2000′s we realized how much documentation we had been compiling for our clients in our numerous Internet cases. We compiled the data using Portable Document Format (PDF) technology and presented a one=page report with the backup documents assembled it into one convenient electronic file. The term LitPak® was borne of the massive need for the invention of a “litigation packet” to make our clients’ lives easier. Beginning this practice in 2001, we believe we were one of the first investigative firms providing our reports electronically as our primary format. This would not only count us among the most innovative investigative agencies, but environmentally conscious as well.

Our world-famous LitPak® has been key to many major landmark court cases including:

Chanel, Inc. et al v. Dror Krispin

Louis Vuitton Malletier, S.A. v. Akanoc Solutions, Inc. et al

Chloe, S.A.S v. Tradekey, LLC et al

The LitPak® is our First Responder WebSite Analysis™ which includes a Raw Ping™ of the subject’s IP address, subpoena information for the subject’s current Internet Service Provider, and other ‘found data’ (screenshots included) which will be imperative to begin any Internet case. For undercover purchases, we are your first and last call

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