Trade Secret Theft

Trade Secret Theft is a Major Threat to Your Organization

Specifically, trade secret theft can include anything from stolen emails to a secret process; from hacked emails to leaked movies. We assist many companies in protecting the confidentiality of their content. Whether it’s a leaked video, a screenplay, photos from the set, reputation issues or physical supply chain leaks, we are the firm to help. MI:33 has been the leader in assessing and managing risk in the area of trade secret theft since e-commerce began.

For the security professional that has a plan in place, we can assist in plugging holes, informing you of the sources and diffusing each situation as it comes up. For the legal team charged with protecting their brands’ assets, we assist every step of the way where you need us whether the issue is catching counterfeiters and pirates, solving pre-release leak issues, or hacking and data theft. We can also be your red team, investigating your practices, policies and employees critically from the outside the same way the opponent would do so. If you are protecting a brand, and have significant online risk, we should be a part of your team.

In fact, some of the world’s first Internet leaks were assigned to us. Some were made public and some were not. We guarantee that, if assigned early enough to us, your problem will never become public. In situations, such as the Sony hack, wouldn’t you like to get ahead of the problem? We know you would. That’s why you visited this website.

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