Did you know that we conduct on site investigations on a daily basis? Yes, that’s right. We have real world gumshoes pounding the pavement globally for our clients all the time. It is true that we are the world’s most well-known detectives for internet-related cases. That’s why it may slip some folks’ minds that we also have field operatives on the ground all over the world. They are ready to go whenever and wherever you need them.

While it is true that we are usually the first call for most high-level professionals in the online space, every case that begins on the Web ends up in the real world where a live person needs to be served or a site needs to be physically inspected. No matter where is it in the world, from LA to New York, Afghanistan to Brussels, Shreveport to Milwaukee, or even from Gnome to Rome… we can get boots on the ground usually within one day. We only work with the most highly-trained operatives in each jurisdiction. On site investigations that we handle regularly on a superior level include:

  • Cease and Desist Letter Service
  • Knock and Talks
  • Sign Usage
  • Discreet Photographic Surveillance
  • Undercover Contact

Sophisticated Approach

The edge we have over most investigative agencies is that we always see beyond the physical location and prepare properly. Before we ever send an operative out to the field, our intelligence team already knows what type of structure is there, who owns the property, the businesses present (if applicable) and what to expect before they ever schlep out to the subject location and bill the client for the visit. This enables clients to avoid our competitors who end up selling the site visit before knowing the true situation. Because we are experts at research and intelligence, we don’t send someone out to a location unless we know exactly what they are going to experience.┬áThis includes:

  • Company Officers
  • Property Owner
  • Residents
  • Signage/Imagery From Google Streetview

Investigation firms send operatives out without this data because they either lack the experience to research a situation before walking into it, or they choose to charge the client for the unnecessary billing.

We want you to know everything. 20/20 vision is our goal. Do you know how many times an investigator conducts a raid on a location and has no idea who owns the business? Or serves a Cease and Desist letter on a location blindly? All the time! This will never, ever happen with us. Period.

Give us a call at (972) 422-2100 or email us at info@ipcybercrime.com. Or visit our Contact Us page. You will satisfied of the results.

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