Physical Threats


Effective mitigation of physical threats begins with a solid plan and an experienced team. For decades, our diverse portfolio of services has acted as a building block for many businesses and individuals as they react to threats during the normal course of business. With our system in place, you can be ready to tackle the big things when they come along. In other words, putting out the small fires as they come leads to far fewer crises (if any). We find this to be a universal truth throughout out all of the industries that we work in threat mitigation. There are many elements that are critical to our process.


Key Components of Threat Mitigation

  • Online Monitoring: Our team scours social media and online forums using both keywords and geographical tagging (when available). We do this to pinpoint threats and leaks in real-time. This is especially effective from a day-to-day threat mitigation standpoint. It is also useful for scheduled events such as conferences and public appearances where targeted threats and leaks are more likely to occur.
  • BOLO (Be On LookOut) Lists: Every high profile individual or company has a list of folks with whom they try to avoid contact. Some are former employees. Some are misguided fans. Whatever the case, our threat mitigation team keeps an updated profile on those people and their activities for you. When requested, we will regularly keep tabs on their whereabouts in relation to the client’s current location. As a normal course of this service, we provide profiles and alerts to the client’s security team so they can keep and eye out on location.
  • Incident Response: This is where we tackle the problems as they come up. Not only from the above methods, but many others. Our clients receive leads from a variety of sources including employees, customers, call-in tips, direct contact, and also as a result of online monitoring. In all of these cases, we profile the individuals, evaluate the threat level and present a report on the subject to our client. Together, we determine a plan of action.


  • Live Events
  • Product Releases
  • VIP Protection
  • Industry Competition

Why MI:33

As one of the few threat mitigation agencies with over fifty years of combined experience, we are unique. Our agents have tracked suspects across the globe for years at a time, always ensuring the threat was away from our client, offering them the peace of mind. Our suspect profiles are built and updated in-house, not by automated software like most agencies, which allows us the opportunity to filter out false positives and erroneous data at the source rather than causing delay in action with a multi-level approach.

Some firms will immediately suggest escalation, but we succeed where others fail due to our initial soft-glove approach. We first investigate the suspect for impending threats, then conduct an in-person interview with an experienced field agent. If the threat remains we will kick things up a notch. The goal is always to reduce, then eliminate the threat. We have the tools to do so and the track record to prove it.

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Rob Holmes

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