MI:33 is a Texas-based firm that provides top-rated investigations and security consulting to valuable brands, high-net-worth individuals, and their legal, marketing, and security teams.

Building Successful Cases Since 1995

We have been investigating physical threats and intellectual property theft since 1982. Our people have been the trailblazers in doing so with cases that begin on the Web since 1995. What sets us apart from the rest is our years of experience, track record of big wins, superior network of agents, and an unparalleled knowledge of our areas of expertise.

Crisis Management

Any company with assets to protect needs to be well-versed in crisis management.

Intellectual Property

You need to consult with someone who thoroughly knows the entire process if you want to tackle the issue.

Threat Mitigation

Effective mitigation of physical threats begins with a solid plan and an experienced team.

Crisis Management

Disruption is not economically feasible

You could save millions of dollars on the back end if you have a solid crisis management plan. A well-prepared team can completely avert a major catastrophe, or at least minimize it. Any company with assets to protect needs to be well-versed in crisis management.

Global Leaders with a Track Record

Many private and government agencies now seek our investigative consulting and emulate our approaches. We have been involved in many of the most influential cases of our time.

Cases Investigated


Close Rate

Special Report

As our cases make their way through the courts, and our clients claim victory, we often get mentioned in the press. This is an example of one of those such situations.

Our cases include all levels of litigation consulting, crisis management, threat mitigation, and organized crime investigations.

A Leader in Threat Mitigation

There are many elements that are critical to our process.

Among them are:

  • Online Monitoring
  • BOLO (Be On the LookOut) Lists
  • Expertise in Incident Response
  • An Extensive Network of Field Operatives
Threat Mitigation

Leadership Team

Rob Holmes

Rob Holmes


Jason Holmes

Jason Holmes

President and COO

Press Quotes

“The fashion industry has its own Sherlock Holmes, and thanks to him, one of the Internet’s largest traffickers in counterfeit goods is going to pay.”

Venture Beat

“MI:33 has worked to close down several bulletproof operations.”


“Holmes, of MI:33, an investigative firm that specializes in helping brand owners says Alibaba is ‘a major thorn in the side’ of his clients.“

Wall Street Journal

“Rob and Jason Holmes take on some of the world’s biggest counterfeiters. It’s all raids, Russian gangs, and (fake) Rolexes.“

BBC World Radio

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