Due Diligence

Due Diligence is Important

The reason due diligence is so paramount is because everybody wants to have a clear picture of with whom they are doing business. Once you have decided that it is possible that you may do business with someone, it is paramount that you conduct proper investigation on them right away so that you know exactly what to expect. Often times, clients wait until it is too late. Afterward, it is common for us to get calls requesting that we investigate fraud or theft. Who wants to be in that situation?

  • Wouldn't you rather be ahead of the game and know exactly where the relationship is heading?
  • Before you sign a deal… order a due diligence investigation and assess the data.
  • Before you even give a project the go-ahead… order a due diligence investigation and assess the data.
  • You need to have 20/20 vision. That is what we provide.

For decades the MI:33 team has been providing due diligence assessments for major VIP clients. Our experience includes many aspects of publicity, lifestyle assessment, brand loyalty, political activism, digital asset management, supply chain, publicity leaks, product leaks, trade secret theft and right of publicity violations. Don't forget that when you about to shake the hand of a potential partner.

We began in the 1990's, when our clients from all over the world were doing business with international clients and vendors.  It was our research that assisted them in their decisions.

We provide a couple phases of due diligence. The first phase is a basic background check that covers address history, criminal, civil, judgments and liens. The second phase is very exhaustive.  The full service due diligence investigation will include all of the basic background work plus it will help you asses the candidate's lifestyle, ability to conduct themselves in public, brand loyalty, and how viable they are as a business partner. We have found, more times than not that our investigations have led the client to the decision that ultimately benefitted the company.

Be sure. Be 100%. Use our Due Diligence services to give you the edge.


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