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Former New Jersey state trooper Bob Holmes obtained his private investigator’s license in 1981. During this time, Bob made a name for himself managing physical threats and providing top rated investigative consulting. Celebrities who were performing at the casinos in Atlantic City often called on Bob for his services. Bob was a staple in this world at this point, then began to expand. Shortly thereafter, he found himself assigned to intellectual property crimes.  In the early 1980’s there were very few people investigating the counterfeiting of trademarked brands.

As soon as he could, Bob Holmes got his entire family involved in his work.  His pre-teen sons Rob and Jason began working for him as undercover operatives. The Holmes brothers were soon making undercover buys all over the Jersey Shore. They were getting paid in ice cream while father Bob Holmes made a name for himself as one of the premier detectives on the East Coast. Bob Holmes was called “Chief” on Canal Street in New York City throughout the entire 1990’s by the vendors and his legend grew to proportions previously not imagined.

Rob Holmes (Jr.), meanwhile in 1995, was pursuing stand-up comedy in Los Angeles and, like Micheal Corleone, found himself pulled back into the family business.  Soon, Rob began working for a premiere investigation firm on the opposite coast from his father. By 2001, Rob was handling his firm’s entire Internet portfolio and decided to start his own company, The Holmes Detective Agency.  Jason Holmes was in the U.S. Navy during the 90’s and stationed in Virginia, which was close enough to continue his work in New York City with his father on weekend raid days. After 9/11 Jason was reassigned to San Diego as Navy Management.

Bob passed away in 2004 and the Holmes brothers found themselves on the same coast and aching to keep the family tradition going. Then The Holmes Detective Agency became IPCybercrime, focusing on Rob and Jason‘s specialties. The brothers focused solely on Intellectual Property cases and the Web.  In 2007 the Holmes brothers moved their corporate headquarters to Plano, Texas. Plano is home to many major corporate headquarters including Dr Pepper Snapple GroupBank of America Home Loans, HP Enterprise Services, Capital OneJCPenney, Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Frito-Lay, Dell and Toyota.  Their company really began to flourish here, becoming a staple in the intellectual property cybercrime space.

Our company began taking in a large number of cases related to physical threats and information leaks around 2009. Over the next few years, our case intake for these types of cases became competitive with our Intellectual Property work. We changed the name of the company because IPCybercrime was too descriptive. Our portfolio was now much wider than our original specialty. Hence the non-descriptive, mysterious-sounding name MI:33. Over the last decade, our clients have been requesting threat mitigation and crisis management in addition to our Intellectual Property consulting work.

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